This information is supplied as a quick reference for owners, and in most cases has been extracted from various Campground of the Rockies Homeowner Association Documents. The information below does not supersede those documents. Owners are encouraged to refer to CORA HOA Documents for further details.

How can I get a copy of the various Campground of the Rockies Homeowner Association Documents?

A bound copy can be obtained for $15 from the office, or downloaded for free from the website.

How do I get my Propane Tank Filled?

Propane is Filled Daily from 1pm-2pm. Please leave your tank on the inside of the fence with your Name & Lot #. When it is full, it will be placed outside the fence with your receipt. All Tanks must have current Re-certification to fill. Please pay for your propane the same day you pick up your full tank. If no one is in the office, drop it in the slot in the door. There will be envelopes provided by the door for your convenience. If propane is not paid for at the time of pick-up, you will not be able to fill your tank again until you are paid up-to-date.

Is there someplace I can temporarily store my RV, boat or trailer?

CORA has a Temporary Storage Area located across from the entrance to the C&S campground. Owners must complete a Temporary Storage Area Form and submit it to the CORA office. The form is available in the office or may be downloaded from the website. Approved items may be stored at No Charge for 30 days per calendar year. Lot owners wishing to store an approved item for more than 30 days, but less than six months, will be charged $35 per month, payable in advance. No item may be stored for more than six months.

Is there any sports equipment available for use at CORA?

A sport locker is maintained by volunteers and contains various sports equipment which is available at no charge to owners. Please check with the office during business hours for details.

Is WiFi available at CORA?

A free, limited WiFi system is available at many lots throughout CORA and in the clubhouse, the system is maintained by a group of volunteers. Check with the office for the password. There are also options from various vendors, such as South Park Telephone and various satellite providers. Contact the individual vendors for more information.

Can I receive US mail at CORA?

The United States Postal Service will not deliver mail to CORA. You can receive mail using GENERAL DELIVERY. Mail addressed to “Your Name, GENERAL DELIVERY, Fairplay CO 80440, can be picked up at the Fairplay Post Office during business hours by presenting a photo ID.

For example:

John Smith
Fairplay CO 80440

Can I receive packages at CORA?

UPS will deliver packages to CORA, UPS packages should be addressed as follows:

Campground of the Rockies
6820 US Hwy. 285
Fairplay CO 80440

FedEx will deliver packages to CORA, FedEx packages should be addressed as follows:

Campground of the Rockies
6820 US Hwy 285
Hartsell CO 80449

UPS and FedEx packages will be left in the clubhouse for you to pickup.

When is the Annual Assessment due?

The Annual Assessment for each lot is due and payable October 15th of each year. Alternatively, the Annual Assessment may be made in two equal payments, with payment due on October 15th and November 15th. There is a charge of $10 per month if the annual assessment is paid in installments.

How are the Annual Assessments determined?

The Annual Assessment for Independent Lots (lower campground) is equal to 1.00 times the base assessment. The Annual Assessment for the Dependent Lots (Upper Campground) is equal to 0.72 times the base assessment. The base assessment is calculated by dividing the Annual Budget by the total number of base lots. The total base lots is determined by adding the number of Independent Lots multiplied by 1.00 and the total Dependent Lots multiplied by 0.72.

How are electric charges determined?

For the Upper Campground, each individual lot, with an Electric hookup pays the same amount. Once each year the Upper Campground meters servicing those lots are read and the amount is divided by the number of lots with an electric hookup.

For the Lower Campground, each individual lot has its own electric meter an once each year each meter is read and the amount owed is billed to each Lower Campground lot owners based on the current electric rate servicing that meter.

When are electric meters read?

Once each summer, all meters are read. This usually takes place in late July or early August and is determined by the Board of Directors in cooperation with the Caretakers.

When are Electric charges due?

Electric Charges are due by September 30th of each year. If the electric charge is not paid by such date, the Lot Owners shall lose the privilege of paying the Annual Assessment in installments and the full amount will be due on October 15.

What are the late charges?

A late charge in the amount of $35 will be imposed for any assessment, fine or other charge not paid within ten days of the due date without further notice to the Owner. Such late charge is a personal obligation of the Owner and a lien on the lot.

Are interest charges applied to delinquent accounts?

Interest at the rate of 21% per anum may accrue on any delinquent assessment, fine, or other charge not paid within 10 days of the due date.

How do I receive my Electric charge and Annual Assessment?

The Electric charge, and Annual Assessment statements are mailed to the address on file in the CORA office. An address update form may be obtained in the office or downloaded from the website.

How do I get involved with the CORA community?

During the summer, the Board of Directors meets once each month on a Saturday. The meetings are open to all CORA members. There are also various committees which meet at various times during the summer. Those committees include: The Social/Activity Committee, Budget Committee, Finance Committee, and the recently formed Emergency Preparedness Committee. Volunteers are always welcome. Meeting dates and times are usually posed on the bulletin boards throughout the campground as well as the clubhouse.

I can't attend the monthly Board Meeting, can I monitor the meetings?

The minutes of all Open Board Meetings, as well as the Treasurer’s Report are available in the clubhouse, as well as in the Members’ Only section of the website.