Lots For Sale

To have your property displayed on this list, you need to contact CORA’s Office Staff at 719-836-2533. To have a photo posted with the listing, you will need to email a photo to manager.cora@gmail.com.

If you have a listing posted here and information about the listing has changed, you must contact CORA’s Office Staff to make the necessary changes including removing the listing if the property has been sold.

Please note:
Campground of the Rockies may have placed a lien on lots for sale in the campground.  Any prospective buyer is STRONGLY advised to personally check at the Park County Clerks office located in Fairplay to determine lien status on any lot they are interested in purchasing.
Campground of the Rockies management is NOT authorized to comment on lien status of any individual lot.
Attention: Lot Sellers & Lot Buyers:
Settlement of the electric charges, property taxes and association dues are the responsibility of the parties involved.
All CORA lots are privately owned, and the HOA managers, and Board cannot give advice or be involved in the sale.
The buyer is responsible for notifying CORA once the transaction is completed with a REGISTERED COPY of the deed so that the owner of record can be changed.  There is a $50.00 fee to complete the change of record, payable to CORA.

Lot CS 24 & 25

Contact:  Harold Leach

Phone:  785.840.6270


Lot 24: Lot, 1981 Park Model (8′ x 32′), shed

Lot 25: Lot, 1987 Park Model (12′ x 36′), enclosed deck w/sliding windows, shed, metal roofs

Price:  $95,000

022019-Lot CS 24 & 25 Leach campground_2
022019-CS 24 & 25 Leach campground

Lot DSP 15

Contact:  H. Leach

Phone:  785.840.6270


Lot, Covered deck, 1994 30′ Sportsman Trailer, snow sheds cover over trailer, 2 sheds w/metal roofs.

Price: $49,500

022019-Lot DSP 15 Leach campground

Lot SN 078

Contact:  P. Meyer

Phone:  303.525.8527


Lot, 2007 30′ Jayco Trailer, 8×10 Tuff Shed

Price: $35,000

Lot SN 171 & 172

Contact:  A. De Forrest

Phone:  303.459.3050


2 Lots, 38′ Yellowstone 5th Wheel on Lot 171 and an 18′ Corsair Tow-Behind, Shed, raised deck.

Price: $70,000

Lot SN 309

Contact:  Terry

Phone:  303.506.5129


Lot Only – One of the largest lots in the Upper campground with lots of trees. Very nice fire pit, cleared spot for shed. Excellent view! Sweet neighbors.

Price: $62,000 OBO