The strength of wifi signal at your site is impacted by several factors:

  • Distance to nearest module (repeater)
  • Possible blockage due to the shielding from the material in the walls of your camper
  • Possible electronic interference caused by electronic devices in your camper (ie. microwave)

There are several products that you may want to try to see if they might improve your service levels:

  • Range extenders (Smart Phones and Tablets)
  • USB wireless adapters (Desk top, Lap top computers)
    • Walmart
    • Best Buy
    • Again, I recommend that you buy it at a store where you can return it if it does not improve your service.

NOTE: If you have a strong signal but find the service slow or unusable there are several probable causes that are beyond your (our) control:

  • South Park Tel (our internet service provider) is experiencing system problems
  • Traffic across our wifi is unusually high causing a general slow down in speed
  • Your physical location and router connection is experiencing a multi-hop situation that causes a reduction in your speed.  This is aggravated by dense foliage and trees.

We are continuing to try and improve the service levels across the campground.